The interplay of light with colored layers of mesh creates an optical magic.

As a sculptor, I think of my work as an adventure into a rarely visited realm where painting intermingles with phenomena. I merge painting with ambient light and three-dimensional space to explore effects on color and perception. The multilayered work comes alive as shifting colors and patterns mingle with optical illusions.
My work lies at the intersection of painting and sculpture. Whereas a painting is confined to a two-dimensional surface, sculpture extends into that third dimension, space. And it is space that holds some of the greatest clues to the mysteries of life, challenging the human race on a grand level to traverse the universe, and on a microscopic level to delve into nanotechnology, all in the quest for knowledge.
In my work, specks of space exist between each of the woven strands of mesh. Though each is infinitesimally small, together they open a fluid labyrinth in which colors flow, patterns alter, and perception can prove untrustworthy. I have watched as viewers investigate the phenomena. These tiny specks of space become a portal into a third dimension in painting. I enter that portal to see where it leads.