The interplay of light and space with color and pattern creates an optical magic.

My work unchains color from canvas, releasing it to cross dimensions where it is capable of transformation.  It travels through strands of finely woven mesh, a material perforated with space that provides pathways not only for the transfer of color, but for the infusion of light.  Color now enters a dimension where the forces of light are intensified, most importantly the refraction of light.  Instead of refracting off a single painted canvas, light refracts off thousands of strands of colored mesh, at times creating a shimmering luminescence.   Within this realm, optical illusions and physics  play with one's perception.  Metal might appear ethereal.  Layers of overlapping color can change hues from different angles or fracture into bi- and tri-colored moiré patterns.
The goal is to create a visual labyrinth, active with shifting colors and patterns.  Within that labyrinth, I attempt to capture the magic and joy of phenomena.